2016 TTT Combined Training sponsored by CARABI

ttsponsorBetween 10-15 horses registered on the Best Performed Arabian award at TTT Combined Training. Yarrambat (organizing committee) adopted a different way of calculating who won the award by looking at the highest placed in all sections – the winning rider/horse came 1st in their Level 4 Section.
A special thank you note was placed on our CARABI page by the winner:
Congratulations to Lee Oliver and Carwyn Imperial, who won the CARABI garland at the TTT combined training
Thank you so much! I was so over whelmed to win both my section and the best performed Arabian award! Love my Arabian pony! He is the cleverest smartest bravest and cheekiest! horse I’ve ever had the pleasure to ride!

As one of our Club’s aims is to promote the Arabian breed and its derivatives CARABI are continuing their sponsorship of the ‘Best Performed’ awards – the next one has already been organized for TTT Dressage.